Overview of The COVID Event

By: Jack Dresser, P.hD.

Considering the severe impacts of government actions upon employment, small businesses, public mental health, opportunities for vulture capitalism transferring massive assets from everyday citizens to multinational banks, massive corporations and the wealthiest citizens through the deceptive CARES Act, the American people are owed a thorough and fully independent investigation of this economically catastrophic management of a perceived public health threat amplified by alarmist reporting before necessary facts were available.

Specifically, we must demand investigation of the following documented events and questionable policies brought to public attention during this crisis:

·         Failure of the federal government to obtain prevalence data to provide a valid denominator in morbidity and mortality rate assessments, data provided by Stanford University and USC studies in late April, some six weeks after a “pandemic” was declared without these necessary data.

·         These California studies based on indices of ongoing or recent infection in subject samples from Santa Clara and Los Angeles counties estimated prevalence rates of 3-4%, with case morbidity risk of about 1.5% and case fatality risk of .15%. Since business closures are the prevention modality causing the most economic hardship and exacerbation of other health problems, I did a further analysis in late May comparing covid-19 fatalities (from NYT reports over 90 days between January 21 and April 21) of the 13 states that did not close “non-essential” businesses with 13 neighboring states that did (identified by USA Today), which show an indistinguishable difference slightly favoring the open states, with both reporting about three deaths per 100,000 population (see attachment 1).  As of December 30, 2020, the worldwide infection fatality rate is less than 2.2% – with population-level deaths of 1.84 million in a population of over 7 billion, concentrated heavily among the elderly with significant co-morbidities (see attachment 2). Do epidemiologists define these infection rates and fatality risks as a “pandemic” or “public health emergency”?

·         NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci had information from China in January that reflected these modest predicted rates, but failed to notify the public, publishing this only in a Feb. 28 paper in the New England Journal of Medicine.  In this paper he anticipated a death rate of less than 1%, comparable to a “severe seasonal influenza,” including China’s report of “higher morbidity and mortality among the elderly and among those with coexisting conditions.” This would have suggested simply protecting the vulnerable elderly.

·         Nevertheless, a society-wide lockdown has continued through December, inflicting severe economic, social, psychological and non-covid medical hardships on millions that have caused far more deaths than covid-19.  Following over nine months of this lockdown, the worldwide CFR is consistent with (and at the low end of) Dr. Fauci’s early expectations.

·         Many leading molecular biologists, virologists, epidemiologists, ER and urgent care physicians, and infectious disease specialists have explained that masking, social distancing, business restrictions and closures, and touch avoidance prolongs rather than prevents spread of a viral infection since these measures delay “herd immunity” among the large low-risk majority whose immunity will subsequently protect the high-risk minority. Sweden followed this model with no lockdown or draconian social interaction modifications to permit development of herd immunity, had a somewhat higher CFR than neighboring Norway due largely to failure to protect nursing home residents, but had a lower rate than any major European country other than Germany, and has now returned to normal with none of the  collateral damage widespread elsewhere. 

·         Denmark also followed a permissive model, with masking optional and infrequent.  This facilitated a nationwide randomized controlled study of masking effectiveness with experimental and control subjects instructed to wear or not wear masks in public.  With its large sample size (c. 6,000), stratified random sampling design controlling for regional variations, 30-day exposure window during the height of the pandemic, use of 3-layer surgical masks, satisfactory (80%) subject completion rate, and multiple outcome criteria, the study findings are definitive to the naked eye irrespective of the statistical analysis necessary for scientific publication. The most valid comparison with unmasked controls were about half the treatment subjects who masked consistently as directed, where the infection rates were 2.0% (masked) and 2.1% (controls), with inconsistent maskers leading the others at 1.7%.

·         Doctors report being incentivized to hospitalize ($13,000) and to ventilate ($39,000) covid-19 patients although ventilation may often be the wrong treatment, even causing iatrogenic death. Inappropriate use of ventilators despite early warnings by conscientious physicians competent in emergency and infectious disease medicine appear to have killed thousands of patients.

·         In a shameless effort to inflate the covid death count, doctors have been instructed by the CDC to list covid-19 as primary cause-of-death whenever present or presumed irrespective of chronic co-morbidities that have heretofore been reported as primary with acute infectious diseases listed as secondary contributors.

·         Two exercises precisely anticipating this pandemic were held in 2019. Event 201 sponsored by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was held in NYC in October, and Crimson Contagion, a series of simulations by DHHS envisioning a pandemic outbreak beginning in China, had previously been held in Washington between January and August.  These are not only de facto suspicious, but why was our public health system so unprepared?

·         Reuters and Politico reported White House meetings in January including Pentagon and CIA officials that excluded public health officials.  The pandemic media preoccupation has been used as cover to further impose illegal sanctions on Iran and Venezuelatransfer Venezuelan state funds into a NY Federal Reserve account of Juan Guaido, quickly sponsor an aborted invasion of Venezuela by private mercenaries under a $150 million contract with Guaido, and distract attention from the November 2019 “lithium coup” against the elected president of Bolivia.

·         The presumed pandemic has been used in the US and worldwide to justify state infringements on freedom and privacy and in some places police abuse, and there is now a movement within government health agencies to condition certain civil rights on mandatory vaccinations. These unconstitutional intrusions are now being challenged in US and international lawsuits.

·         There is credible evidence that this virus has been lab-modified from SARS covid 1. If so, this likely originated from collaborations including US and Chinese bioweapons laboratories at the University of North Carolina BSL3 lab, the Wuhan Virology Institute BSL4 lab, and the ex-chair of the Harvard Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, a nanotechnology expert, who was arrested and indicted in 2020 for lying to federal investigators about unreported $50,000 monthly income from China. These collaborations are reflected in joint authorship of scientific articles by University of North Carolina, Harvard and Wuhan scientists and by two $3.7 million grants to Wuhan from the NIAID in 2014 and 2019 through EcoHealth Alliance – a NIAID pass-through organization – for gain-of-function coronavirus research. Their collaboration apparently moved from UNC to Wuhan in 2014 followed a 2013 SCOTUS judgment confirming its previous decision that genetic material cannot be patented.

·         The 1980 Bayh-Dole Act federal legislation should be repealed that allows government scientists to patent products of their taxpayer-funded research, opening the door to dangerous and unethical conflicts-of-interest and potential corruption.

·         Irrespective of the origin of covid-19, all US BSL3 and BSL4 labs in the US and overseas should be closed as morally indefensible existential threats to humanity.

·         The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine InjuryAct  should be repealed, which immunized vaccine manufacturers from liability, thereby removing the necessity of thorough safety testing in their business model and leading to a proliferation of highly profitable vaccines without adequate risk/benefit evaluation.

·         Following this legislation, vaccine injury claims were defended by the US Department of Justice in a Vaccine Court with some $4.4 billion in judgments paid plus court costs at taxpayer expense, despite denying most claims by parents.

·         The 2020 PREP Act should be repealed, which extended immunity from vaccine liability to the US government as well as manufacturers, leaving vaccine-injured citizens with no legal protection or recourse.

·         There are unacceptable institutional conflicts-of-interest as well. Bill Gates has stated his ambition to establish a global system and production capacity to vaccinate the entire world for this and future enemy viruses.  This fits seamlessly into the very disturbing Agenda 20-30 and World Economic Forum visions of centralized, borderless world control, which would increase the power and wealth of the .001% rather than democratically redistribute these, and would eliminate situational, local, regional and national approaches to this and all other challenges to humanity while smothering individual, organizational and cultural identities – an agenda of which the covid-19 measures imposed upon us across the globe are a troubling harbinger.

·         In addition, Gates has undisclosed conflicts-of-interest with the massive looming vaccine profit center, and the Gates Foundation, Gates-established/controlled GAVI Alliance, and Gates-funded CHAMPS program through Emory University provide indispensable funding to the CDC and WHO. Following US withdrawal of WHO support by President Trump, the Gates Foundation and GAVI now provide more funding to the WHO than any of the 192 nations it serves.  To propagandize for public acceptance through news reporting, the pharmaceutical industry provides enormous TV advertising revenues, about equivalent to the fast food industry and exceeded only by the automotive industry. The funding bases of organizations, institutions and industries affecting public policy must be effectively regulated to eliminate taints of corruption.

·         A long-established, safe, inexpensive drug – hydroxychloroquine – when combined with zinc and prescribed at the early outpatient level has been demonstrated highly effective in multiple studies worldwide, but has been prohibited for use by American physicians and fraudulently demonized by studies that administered it at inappropriate, hospitalized stages of treatment in potentially lethal dosages, apparently to discredit a fear-reducing remedy that obviates the need for $3100 remdesivir and desperately rushed development of new and dangerous vaccines (see attachment 3).

·         Vitamins C and D are effective for both prevention and treatment, and well-established anti-inflammatory drugs such as budesonide and ivermectin have proven highly effective in preventing and reducing the immune system overreactions that account for respiratory distress and collateral organ damage. Simple antibiotics such as azithromycin prevent opportunistic bacterial pneumonia. These effective, inexpensive, familiar preventive and treatment protocols have been ignored by our public health establishment and its captive press, with newly minted experimental vaccines promising massive Big Pharma profits promoted relentlessly as the only answer from the beginning.  As long-time Director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, why did Dr. Fauci neglect to advise use of ordinary anti-inflammatory medications fundamental for treatment of an infectious disorder that is his specialty?

·         The declared “pandemic” has been prolonged by a frantic interweaving of contact tracing and PCR testing – a method its inventor, Nobel Prize laureate Kary Mullis, has explained only identifies viral molecules that are often inconsequential, not intended to diagnose disease. The public has been terrorized into readiness to seek safety in a vaccine, an agenda of the CDC and WHO as well as the NIAID. There is widespread concern that covid-19 vaccinations could be mandated or made a condition of certain civil rights (e.g., assembly, access to public spaces) despite use of experimental technologies, very inadequate safety testing, irreversible effects, and a long record of vaccine injuries documented by court records.

·         Requiring covid-19 vaccination as a condition of school attendance would be not only unjustified but arguably criminal.  Oregon pediatrician Paul Thomas, who has scrupulously provided parents with informed choice whether or not to vaccinate their children, performed a review of his clinical records over 10 years comparing ongoing health status of vaccinated and unvaccinated children. Collaborating with research methodologist Dr. James Lyon-Weiler , Dr. Thomas found striking differences in health outcomes, with the unvaccinated children far healthier across all measures.

·         These facts are now being introduced into evidence in lawsuits across the world where most jurisdictions do not provide liability immunity to pharmaceutical manufacturers.

·         Reports and attempts to investigate these very troubling questions, although scrupulously fact-based, have been ignored or casually dismissed as “conspiracy theories” by the mainstream press and met with smothering censorship in alternative web-based and social media efforts by hundreds of physicians, medical research scientists, independent and citizen journalists, civil rights attorneys and alarmed everyday citizens challenging the official narrative.

The methods, motives, and orchestrating powers of this dark global theatric that we are not allowed to dig into and examine lead us back toward the sponsors of Crimson Contagion – the vaccine-obsessed Gates Foundation, the Great Reset dreams of World Economic Forum Davos Denizens, and Big Pharma as their instrument and beneficiary.  Or would that just be another silly conspiracy theory?

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