Greens Against COVID Repression is a group of Green Party U.S. members and Green friendly allies united in a single purpose – to oppose political repression in the name of Covid-19.

Mission Statement

We assert sovereignty over our own bodies and those of our children in our medical and other basic life decisions. We stand against any and all medical procedures mandated or made conditions of employment, education, free expression, social interaction, travel, public access to services, or other attempted abridgments of our Constitutional rights and those rights recognized for all people under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

We oppose government mandated vaccines, regulation of interpersonal communication including touching, facial expression, social proximity and public assembly, and social media censorship, state control of mass media, and censorship of internet information sources.

We stand against government-imposed lockdowns of normal commercial and social life, and against state surveillance violating our privacy rights to presumably institute these mandates. We deny government rights to invade the privacy of medical records and to demand disclosure of relationship networks through contact tracing with no assurance that this information will be protected and not available to government “security” and surveillance agencies.

We are alarmed that these measures are ensuring economic takeover by the multinational corporate giants, inflicting severe damage on both the working, managerial, business-owning, and professional middle class, which will also leave our most vulnerable citizens destitute and will accelerate the destruction of the planetary ecosphere – all for protection from Covid-19 which, according to more than 40 worldwide studies, has a fatality rate similar to the seasonal flu.

We welcome all like-minded individuals to join us in defense of our personal sovereignty and our resistance to this sudden move toward suffocating transnational population control by governments colluding under World Health Organization directives.

Statement of Principles

Greens Against COVID Repression is a nationwide network of Green and Green friendly people concerned about the government and private sector abuse of COVID 19 to drastically reduce our human freedoms and to restructure society without our input or consent.  We seek to educate others about the dangers of this current power grab and build local face-to-face communities of people working to resist these repressive policies.

We support decentralization, grassroots democracy, social justice, non-violence, and personal responsibility. Greens are well aware that governments and corporations engage in propaganda to manipulate the public in ways that are not necessarily in the public interest and thus we Greens refuse to uncritically accept government or private sector claims.

We are wary of governments using pretexts of danger to circumscribe civil liberties and freedoms.  The US government used the Oklahoma City Bombing and then 9/11 to drastically reduce constitutionally protected rights.  The current lockdown is giving state governors the power to decide which businesses can stay in business and which types of assembly matter.

We support grassroots democracy and decentralization and so consider allowing multi-billionaires such as Bill Gates to craft policy to be completely counter to not only Green values but also basic common sense.

We support decentralization and are part of the anti-globalization movement and thus reject directives from global, undemocratic organizations such as the WHO, the World Bank and the IMF. 

We cannot trust claims coming from domestic organizations that have conflicts of interest and a revolving door to the billion dollar vaccine industry such as is the case with the CDC and the NIH.

We reject the advice of authorities who have financial or organizational conflicts of interest such as Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Greens are cautious about bias from the corporate media since the US is one of two countries that allow Big Pharma to engage in direct-to-consumer marketing, making it one of the biggest advertising clients of mainstream media outlets.  In a similar way, Greens are concerned about undue corporate influence on medical research, medical education, medical professional societies, medical practitioners and medical publications.

We are concerned about the centralization of social media in the hands of private, for-profit corporate monopolies who are using a public health pretext to censor and deplatform anyone who is not fully advocating the need for a “new normal” narrative around COVID 19.

We reject the use of slander, shaming, peer pressure and other tools of cancel culture to coerce people into silence around concerns about COVID 19 associated government repression. 

We support non-violence and thus we reject any idea that a medical intervention such as vaccination can be mandated or coerced.  Sovereignty over one’s own body is a sacred human freedom that must never be surrendered.

Because Greens value personal responsibility, we trust individuals to become informed and manage their own risk as opposed to allowing governments to mandate how we must manage it.

US Greens have been fighting against police brutality and racism for decades and find it strange that suddenly corporate America and the mainstream media have taken up the banner at a moment where they would like to distract people from questioning the abuse of a medical situation to decrease civil liberties and transfer wealth from the least well off to those most well off.