Vaccine Passports Evoke History of Racial Segregation

Trahern Crews speaks to the Defeat the Mandates Rally in Washington DC January 23rd [video, 2:35] The vaccine passports and vaccine mandates take us back to the days of segregation; back to the days of separate water fountains, separate schools, separate restaurants…We believe in people over profits but the pharmaceutical companies don’t have the same … Continue reading Vaccine Passports Evoke History of Racial Segregation

Real Wins, or Totalitarian Tiptoe?

Ibra Taher, co-founder of Greens and Allies Against Covid Repression, asks, Are these recent victories considered a WIN? Or Are they a calculated retreat? I argue that they are the latter and the need to be vigilant is more important now as the narrative shifts. Ibra Taher [Video, 9 minutes]

GPUS Black Caucus Rejects Mandates

“Vaccine mandates and vaccine passports are among the most vile, unconstitutional, immoral, unscientific, discriminatory and outright criminal policies ever enforced upon the population and goes against everything the Green Party stands for under Social Justice.” Greens Against Covid Repression applauds the principled position of the Black Caucus, and we unite with them in opposition … Continue reading GPUS Black Caucus Rejects Mandates

ACLU: Backwards on Mask Mandates

Greens Against Covid Repression ACLU letter Susan MiznerDirector, Disability Rights Program American Civil Liberties Union December 3rd, 2021 Dear Ms. Mizner, Greens Against COVID Repression are writing to communicate our unanimous and unequivocal opposition to the points expressed in your August 27th, 2021, email “Masking in schools is a disability rights issue. Period.” You have … Continue reading ACLU: Backwards on Mask Mandates


By Jack Reed I remember the first time that I was asked to drink the Kool-Aid. It was November 1963 when I, along with my fellow Americans were asked to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in assassinating JFK. It took me about four years to realize that scam. Now, although fully 61% of … Continue reading Kool-Aid

David Rolde, a 2020 Green Party Presidential Candidate and Co-founder of Greens Against Covid Repression, addresses the National Convention on the oppressive acts being justified by a fraudulent State of Emergency, July 11th, 2020

David Rolde, a 2020 Green Party Presidential Candidate and Co-founder of Greens Against Covid Repression, addresses the National Convention, July 11th, 2020, on the oppressive acts and authoritarian mandates being justified by a fraudulent State of Emergency [Video: 5 minutes]

Another court throttled – Dutch lockdown reinstated

Reminiscent of the early months of the 2020 lockdown in Oregon, when the measures were struck down by a local judge but the state supreme court sided with its buddy the governor. Very different of course is the amount of resistance – in the Netherlands it’s out in the streets, in Oregon it’s still … Continue reading Another court throttled – Dutch lockdown reinstated

Is Dehumanization The New Normal?

By Jack Dresser, P.hD. first published on 7/14/2020 on Let me begin by encouraging pattern recognition, a cognitive skill provided us by nature with obvious survival value. But cognition is easily trumped by emotion, and fear is the most compelling emotion in nature’s survival toolkit. Consequently, nothing so empowers rulers over their subjects than … Continue reading Is Dehumanization The New Normal?

Let’s Stay in Touch

By Jack Dresser P.hD. First published on 08/30/2020 on (Historic photo of World Theater on West 49th St. in NYC, opened in 1936 for live theatre with 16th century English pub style lobby and demolished in 1987 for replacement by a chain motel.) The moderators of a local Facebook group quickly took down a … Continue reading Let’s Stay in Touch

Overview of The COVID Event

By: Jack Dresser, P.hD. Considering the severe impacts of government actions upon employment, small businesses, public mental health, opportunities for vulture capitalism transferring massive assets from everyday citizens to multinational banks, massive corporations and the wealthiest citizens through the deceptive CARES Act, the American people are owed a thorough and fully independent investigation of this … Continue reading Overview of The COVID Event


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