Our Pledge

Millions of Americans, health and bioscience research professionals, and distressed citizens worldwide are questioning whether government declarations of a Covid-19 “pandemic” and state of emergency permitting state suspension of civil rights were justified. These indefinite suspensions in the US include violation of the First Amendment right to freedom of assembly, potential threats to Fourth Amendment security of our homes and habeus corpus rights, as well as universal human rights to liberty, privacy of home and family, freedom of movement, work, and education specified by Universal Declaration of Human Rights Articles 3, 9, 12, 13, 20 and 26.

Considering the severe impacts of our state and national government actions, If given the power by American voters, we pledge investigation of the following specific concerns severely affecting millions of Americans. The public is entitled to a thorough, independent investigation of the following questions and concerns ignored by both major political parties:

  • Failure of the federal government to obtain prevalence data to provide a valid denominator in mortality rate assessments.
  • The contradiction between pronouncing COVID19 as a pandemic and epidemic, and the substantial epidemiological and statistical evidence showing a mortality rate similar or lower than the seasonal flu.
  • Imposing the lockdowns despite the foreknowledge of the NIAD director Dr. Fauci of the similarity of the mortality rate of COVID19 with that of flu seasons.
  • The dismissal of the available empirical evidence presented by a wide range of specialists that the imposed measures and lockdowns are the opposite of the established epidemiological recommendations.
  • Doctors report being incentivized to hospitalize ($13,000) and to ventilate ($39,000) Covid-19 patients although ventilation may often be the wrong treatment, even causing iatrogenic death.
  • The unjustifiable change of death certifying guidelines and its direct impact on data collection.
  • The direct sharp increase of overall deaths inflicted by the lockdowns.
  • The interference with doctors’ treatment recommendations and the prohibition of the usage of HCQ.
  • The suspicion of foreknowledge of the outbreak rises from the occurrence of two simulations events exercising a coronavirus pandemic last year.  
  • The use of the government of the distraction caused by the pronounced ‘pandemic’ as a cover for several international law violations.
  • The unconstitutional intrusions by the government on citizens’ rights must be unequivocally opposed.
  • The widespread concern that vaccinations could be mandated or made a condition of certain civil rights.
  • The permission for vaccine manufacturers to bypass animal trials, placebo-controlled efficacy trials, and long-term safety trials, which will result in an unreliable vaccine.
  • There are unacceptable institutional conflicts-of-interest constituted by allowing vaccine investors and manufacturers to fund institutions like the WHO and the CDC.
  • The 1980 Bayh-Dole Act permits government-funded scientists to share patent rights on products developed from taxpayer-funded research, generating conflicts-of-interest and a potential corruption of science in the public interest.
  • There is credible evidence that Covid-19 had been lab-modified.
  • Irrespective of the origin of Covid-19, all BSL3 and BSL4 labs in the US and overseas must be closed as morally indefensible existential threats to humanity.